Artist: Lee Boyd - Saatchi Art

Lee Boyd is an Irish artist that is diverse in his artwork and his experience. He is well-known for his mix of human figures with characterisations of animals depicting surreal narratives that he describes as ‘manimals’.  If you glance at the imagery on Lee’s website you may believe that manimals is his main theme but you would be very very wrong! A painter, a sculpture, a varied artist that produces work with whatever medium suits his subject!

(via asylum-art)


Skull Oil Paintings by Jade Doreen Waller

on Behance

The artwork of Jade Doreen Waller is characterized by an ethereal punctuation of symbols, whispering of a magical momentary fusion of the past, the present and the future. Waller’s allegories, a glimpse into her world, are superbly realised with meticulous detail, reminiscent of Dutch and Flemish styles. Her works are inescapably alluring, enticing one into a deep oceanic subconscious, aesthetically aided by the classical yet uncluttered compositions, the smooth sumptuousness of paint, cold pearlescent colour, tangible and accessible detail, and the radiance of dark contrasts. Like a jellyfish entering into Waller’s world, one easily surrenders to this current of infinite wonder.